Powerline Wives have been using old insulators for candle holders and cross arms for clothes lines for decades, but many artists and vintage shops have started to create and sell crafty pieces from the material our husbands toss in the dumpster every day.

Check out some of the crafty and creative uses for our husbands every day work tools below.


Every linewife is using insulators as candle holders. This artisan went so far as to create a custom welded candelabra to display her insulators.







Our husbands turn the lights on, but they can also bring home the lights … or at least part of them. Check out this idea for insulator lights from recyclart.org








Check out this insulator coat rack. Get the details on creativelylivingblog.com










Are you getting ready to marry a lineman and want ideas for how to include his profession into the wedding decor? How about using insulators for flowers? This one comes from eniseinbloom.com







For more amazing photos of insulators being used for weddings, decor, lighting and more, check out this Pinterest search: http://pinterest.com/search/?q=insulator


Are you into wire reels? Here are a few ideas for using wire reels to decorate your house and patio.  This first one is one of the most popular uses for old wire reels  – the outdoor table. Simply cut to size (be sure to secure the reel so it doesn’t fall apart), sand it smooth and stain it.








One of the most unique uses for a wire reel I have ever seen. This reel has been turned into a table and photo gallery.











Ask your lineman to bring home some supplies so you can get to work on decorating your home, wedding or garden with remnants of his work.

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  1. Grace Macenrow via Facebook

    I’m totally making my husband bring some wire reels home. He’s going to sand them and paint them bright colors so I can use them as work stations in my classroom. Perfect! Thanks for the idea!